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Magdalena Subova, 4. Květen 2009 v 22:24
... Bournemouth is full of life and night life is just amazing down here..Element,Walkabout,Mary Shery,Crank,Blizz, Brasshouse etc.??? :)
love so many things teacher at college:), sceneted flowers, walking along the cliff, old harry rocks on one side and isle of wight in view on the other, lovely parks, the balloon, lovely studens-especially from europa school and college on landsdown:)) and of course memorable time spend in suncliff hotel or richmond group..
after 2 years..slowely but surely planning my come back home...u made me relise what everything i will miss...

Mirka Chromkova, 20. Říjen 2008 v 19:54

bmouth is a paradise placed on the earth...

Alba Peñate,5. Srpen 2009 v 19:38
I've been there for one month this summer. I came back last Saturday. UNFORGETTABLE!

Cemre Çiçek, 20. Červenec 2009 v 21:38
i wanna come back again next year..beet is my favourite school..i miss it too much :(

Rogério Soares, 28. Červen 2009 v 19:05
I was there twice on 2002 and 2009. I t was the best time ever.

Julliand Blanche, 28. Duben 2009 v 12:28
bye bye BEET school! It was fantastic!

Xai Chonato, 15. Duben 2009 v 14:16
BEET gave me sunshine in cloudy days :)

Marina Gordeeva, 13. Březen 2009 v 20:10
i found my first love in was a great time....thx Bour.   Jan Kyburz, 25. Leden 2009 v 20:10
I miss B'Mouth and Beet so much. I was two times there and this summer i will go to the third time.  

Fabrizio Rinaldis, 24. Leden 2009 v 4:42
I fucking love that's still in my heart   Jacolien van der Hoop, 15. Leden 2009 v 21:55
I miss you guys... :(  

Tanya Lakodei, 12. Leden 2009 v 19:53
... i have met one man in bournemouth and all my life have been completely changed :) but i'm so happy about that occasion

Nadelys Girado, 12. Leden 2009 v 0:14
was great to know people from cultures and countries so different and found good friends forever… was an amazing experience!  

Elisabeth Neck, 9 Leden 2009 v 17:14
I met fantastic people there. Friends for my life... they made my time special!  

Vanessa Biga, 8. Leden 2009 v 20:55
best time in Bournemouth is defently the SUMMER...and everyone knowa great to live so close to the beach .... :)  

Eva Gyarmati, 3. Leden 2009 v 19:27
Oh Agnes..... Bournemouth changes the life of everybody I think..... We've left 6 months ago, but I am still homesick towards Bournemouth... :( I am jealous of all of you who still live there....  

Maria Grazia Lofaro, 27. Prosinec 2008 v 23:43
I was there in 2002... I had a great time... :-))   Deniz Akman, 1. Prosinec 2008 v 16:20
dayumm man..that school was awesome..i met so many nice friends there and likely i am still in touch with most of them .. whatelse i can hot fridays at showbar: ) wohooo... elements,the opera house,richmond pub ...:-p  

Agnès Bocquillon, 9. Listopad 2008 v 9:32
Hello to all the staff and the teachers from this wonderful school!!
I spent really nice in this school, in Bournemouth, and I met fantastic peiple!
Keep going to do your job so well!!  

Emrah '..Yıldırım, 7. Říjen 2008 v 1:18
The best one in B.mouth :)  

Andraina Frauenfelder, 2. Září 2008 v 21:52
April 2005 till June 2005.....its was great. It was one of my best decision to come here.  

Lisa Maurizzi, 6. Srpen 2008 v 1:55
I reallly miss it....It was one of my best time in my life :)  

Marieme Diack, 5. Březen 2008 v 1:01
BEET schoolll??? hmmmm.... what can i say about this school?? hmmm... there r so lot of things to say about it actually....i really reallyy reallyyyy enjoyed my time thereeee... that was such a GREAT experienceee, a amazing oneeeeeeeee..... teachers r so niceee , so funny:)) what about the town now?? BOURNEMOUTH..hehehehe.... what a lovelyyy town, we had a lot of fun in night clubs , to the beach , the park , the my hostfamily there were about 7students and what i found amazing is the fact that i was living , eating,laughing ,going out with 6 others students who came from differents countries each... :)) at school as well... and i still keep in touch with everyonee...i will never forget that experience ...NEVER EVERR!!!:P  

Amy Diack, 5. Březen 2008 v 0:18
ohh "Beet school" a great experienceee !!! its a really nice school,,and the city as well i mean "bournemouth"!! i had a lot of fun there,, i got on well with too many people from erywhere in this whole world,,!!! english people are so kind and so friendly,,i khnow dat some people dont really like english food but personnally i really appreciated !!! to find out others cultures and how they live overthere was so amzingg!!! "vive bournemouth" en tt cas looll!! i hope dat one day,, i could go back there,,thats really waht i wish,,!!!  

Beat Brunner, 29. únor 2008 v 21:41
My time here in Bournemouth was a great experience. I'll never forget this 2 months.
If you are interessted you can find my pictures here:  

Eva D'Aniello, 19. Únor 2008 v 19:10
I was there last September 2007...and I lived in 61, Nortoft Road together with Elisa (Germany), Andrea and Silvio (Switzerland), and later 2 girls from Spain!
I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!
And I really liked Bournemouth! IT'S SO LOVELY!




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